Alaska Hotel and Lodging Association Committees

PAC Committee:
This committee will monitor activity for unfavorable legislation and initiate favorable legislation. The committee will maintain a personal cooperative relationship with key legislators, the Governor, Mayors, and elected/appointed officials whose area of responsibility will affect member interest.  This will include personal contact where deemed appropriate.  As possible, a professional lobbyist will be retained to conduct affairs at a State level under the direction of the Association and with participation of association members where appropriate.

Thomas McAleer, Chair 
Jill Pawson 
Tammy Griffin
Terry Wanzer
Tracey Kulesa

Membership Committee:
This committee will direct efforts for solicitation and retention of members.  This committee will study the evaluation and expansion of member services. 

Luke Peroni, Chair
Bonnie Westlund
Melinda Minsky
Ron Hewitt
Sandra Johnson
Tennelle Peterson

Stars of the Industry Committee:
This sub committee of Membership, plans and executes all aspects of the annual Stars of the Industry event.   

Luke Peroni, Chair
Jolynn Lund
Kirsten Myles
Luke Jenner
Melinda Minsky 
Rayli Wilson
Shirley Palmer 
Teresa Roberts 
Tia Lewis

Education Committee:
This committee will promote and develop hospitality education throughout the state. 

Terry Wanzer, Chair
Gideon Garcia  
Hannah Knapp
Kim Foust
Steve Zadra
Tracy Smith

Finance Committee:
This committee will monitor the financial activities of the association.  The Chair of this committee will be the Board Treasurer.

Mickey Tveter, Chair 
Bonnie Westlund
Fernando Salvador
Joe Merrill
Kim Foust