Take Action

 AkH&LA is a network of hospitality businesses working together to protect, promote and provide education for their industry. Our member businesses are concerned about their business and how government can impact their bottom line. AkH&LA’s strength and promise is in its members. Here are a number of ways that you can become more involved to help your business and your career.

Membership - AkH&LA membership has many benefits to you and ensures continued efforts in advancing and protecting your profession and business. Through membership, you join your peers in making sure a skilled staff is representing you at the State House and in Congress. Without members, the association cannot protect the industry.

Lobbying - Lobbying state and national legislatures makes a difference because that is where budgets and policies are decided. It takes phone calls and letters to legislators from a lot of people to make a real difference.

Giving - Members and supporters are encouraged to contribute to the election efforts of candidates that support hospitality, tourism and pro-business agendas.

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

AkH&LA is at the table representing the industry and educating officials about the impacts our industry has on a local and state level. But we can’t be at the table alone, we need members to develop relationships with key legislators, help educate public officials about the industry and work together to move positive or block negative legislation. We’re all in this together.