About AkH&LA 
The Alaska Hotel & Lodging Association is a group dedicated to furthering the interests of Alaska’s hotel and hospitality businesses. We are constantly working to represent Alaska’s Hotel and Lodging industry in the government at local, state and federal levels. The AkH&LA works to represent and support Alaska’s hotels while offering education, training, resources and opportunities for its members in the hospitality community.

Membership in AkH&LA is important to your company because we protect the business environment in Alaska, ensuring that your business has the greatest potential to flourish. We accomplish this by lobbying in Juneau and Washington DC, representing our industry’s interests, forging relationships with key legislators and keeping an eye on the big governmental picture. Membership also brings a multitude of industry resources, networking opportunities and supplier discount benefits that all benefit your bottom line.

Here are some of the highlights of the last couple of years:

Strategic Partnerships

· Held regional meetings across the state.

· Developed closer ties with Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Membership Growth and Benefits

· Honored by the American Hotel & Lodging Association for highest membership market share for the fourth time in five years.

· Grew the Stars of the Industry awards program by 11% from last year with over 500 in attendance.

Workforce Development

· Expanded our high school Lodging Management Distance Learning and ProStart programs into rural Alaska.

Financial Stability

· Built strength in our numbers with 95% member retention.

· Developed a more streamlined organizational structure that will ensure long term financial viability.

We will continue to build fiscal strength through organizational streamlining and increased participation from the board for industry outreach, and continue to develop more cost-saving supplier programs.

Through these and other initiatives, we look forward to being the instrument of greater profitability for your hospitality operation. It is our great pleasure to put all this to work for you!

Contact Us:
330 E 4th Ave Suite 201
Anchorage, AK 99501
phone:(907) 272-6201
fax: (907) 272-1289
email: alicia@akhla.org