2017 AkH&LA
Stars of the Industry Event
March 3, 2018
Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center
  • Nomination Packets will be mailed or delivered to all current AKH&LA members no later than October 15, 2017.
  • Nominations are due at AKH&LA office no later than December 15, 2017. 
Reserving Tables for Event
  • Tables for the event are reserved on a first come first serve basis, with payment received no later than 60 days of reservation. If payment is not received, table reservation will be moved to the end of the list.
  • Tables are for 10 people and the cost is $750. Payable by check or credit card. An invoice will be generated and emailed on date of reservation.
  • If you require an additional table after payment has been received, all efforts will be made to seat tables next to or near each other. Click here for a table sponsorship request.
  • Each award presented at the event is sponsored by someone. Your name is announced as the sponsor as well as appearing in our video presentation. Sponsorship prices range from $125 to $250 depending on the award and the number sponsored.
  • Sponsorship of portions of the event are also available. To learn more about sponsoring this event contact our office directly at 272-6201.
Here's how it works…

This awards program is open for anyone who wishes to recognize an industry employee, manager, property or supplier for his or her outstanding performance. The only criterion is that the nominee must be employed with or be a member property or business in good standing with AkH&LA. Each nomination category is further broken down by specific department and property size. Nomination categories include:

Outstanding Employee of the Year

Recognizes exemplary professionalism and service by a line-level employee in a non-management position at a property or allied member business.

Outstanding Manager of the Year

Recognizes an employee in a management or executive position who has a proven track record of management excellence, industry involvement and community service at a property or allied member business.

Outstanding AkH&LA Member of the Year

Recognizes members who have demonstrated professionalism in operating a member property and have taken a leadership role in the industry by actively participating in association, community or industry programs. This is not an individual general manager award.

Rising Star Award

Recognizes and honors those emerging leaders in the industry under the age of 30 that exude enthusiasm and dedication to the lodging industry that goes above and beyond their normal job responsibilities. Nominee should demonstrate superior professional dedication, leadership and a fresh perspective to their job at an AkH&LA member company.

Allied Member of the Year

Recognizes lodging supply companies that exemplify professionalism and exceptional service to the lodging industry with performance going above and beyond customer expectations. Vote Now!

Spirit of Hospitality

Honors and celebrates a group of individuals in the industry that exude enthusiasm and dedication to being responsive and giving to their peers, industry and/or local community. Examples can be a small or large group of employees that work together to benefit local organizations or charities or fellow employees or service to any part of the community through a special project or joint undertaking with community groups for the benefit of their local area.

*Special Note on how to classify nominees in “supervisor” positions (not considered manager and not an employee)
The Stars of the Industry Planning Committee recognizes that each hotel is unique and may include positions for supervisors, managers or both. The question arises as to whether this person should be classifies as an employee or a manager. Because each hotel is different the planning committee has elected to not specifically state where supervisors would fit into the nomination categories and leave that up to each hotel to determine specific department. If your supervisors are your managers for your hotel then we recommend you include them in the Manager section of if your supervisors are performing more of a role of an employee and you also have a management staff then we recommend you include them in the Employee section. Please feel free to call the AkHL&LA office for additional advice.
Contact your HR department or manager for support documents such as letters of recommendation from co-workers, managers and past guests, guest comment cards mentioning the nominee, clippings from newspapers or company newsletters, photos, etc. Please make sure you have the correct spelling of the star nominee's name, this is how the name will appear on the award. Additionally, check that you are selecting the correct category and department for your nominee.
Nomination Process

Once all nominations are received, the Stars of the Industry Nomination sub-committee will contact each property General Manager regarding the nominations for their property. Some nominations received may be pulled at this time at the discretion of the committee based on feedback from the General Manager. The next step is to contact the nominee and have them fill out a brief questionnaire to obtain more information about the nominee. Once all the questionnaires have been filled out all nominations will be sent to the judges.

All nominees will be sent a congratulatory letter on being nominated with an invitation to the banquet. During the banquet all nominees will be honored and winners will be announced.

Judging Process
Nomination packets will be reviewed and a panel of judges from a group of professional outside the State of Alaska, will select the winners. The selection of winners are based solely on the information provided for in each nomination packet. The more complete the nomination packets the better chance your nominee has to be selected as a winner! Additionally, check that you are selecting the correct category, department and property size for you nominee. They will be competing in the category & department you select. Once the judging process has begun we CANNOT move categories if you selected the incorrect one for your nominee so please make sure to select correctly.